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The catchall term “value engineering” describes a studied approach to reducing building costs without compromising quality. National Interiors' value engineering entails comparing a range of flooring products with numerous suppliers to determine the most cost-effective means of obtaining a desired structural, aesthetic, or durability standard. Our project teams work toward optimal comfort and utility while lowering operational and ownership costs long-term.

National Interiors value engineering gets you the biggest bang for your construction buck. Learn how we use a common sense technique to weigh your goals against your options to apply this cost-saving approach to your next project.



Our sales and service consultants are expertly trained to handle all of your commercial flooring & tile needs. As National Interiors is not affiliated or renumerated by any one manufacturer or mill we track product quality, price, lead times and after-sale service on a monthly basis and provide the best / most appropriate product for our client’s intended use.

We can guide you through our flooring options, helping you make the right choice for your commercial space. We’ll provide you with product samples, and answer any questions you might have about our products and services. Whether you already have a design in mind, or you need some help deciding what’s right for you, our project managers will assist you with your decision.

We are a non-biased source to gain insight into the newest production technologies that can both lower the capital or operating cost of your facility and improve aesthetics and safety.

Our design & installation team can provide you with samples and recommendations to get you the best commercial or residential flooring & tile for your project.


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At National Interiors one of our biggest differentiators is our ability to assist in the selection, specification, budgeting and procurement of flooring materials of all types.

While we have numerous installation crews that are available to travel throughout Canada it is often not financially advantageous for the owner to have the cost burden of our travel costs, which include hotel, per diem and physical travel.

Adding value to every project we participate in is a key value pillar of National Interiors. Often we can recommend one of our national installation partners or there is already a qualified installation crew in the local area, whereby National Interiors is apt at working with our clients to procure and logistically land the products on their job site often achieving more than 30% capital savings.

Cost efficiency is ensured with accurate estimation by the National Interiors Procurement team and appropriate attic stock calculated and included. Floor coverings can be ordered in specific cuts and installed with minimum waste. Physical measurements are taken, take-offs from plans performed and diagrams presented depicting traffic flow and measuring the economy.



From polyurethanes to polyaspartics
National Interiors is a specialist in a variety of resinous materials ranging from: epoxy, polyurethanes, MMA, polyaspartics and cementitious urethanes.



Polished concrete & polished toppings
Polished Concrete is one of the most beautiful, natural, and cost effective forms of flooring today. At National Interiors, we have a variety of grinders, polishers and burnishers to bring your concrete visions to life.
  • Process: Grinders mechanically polish to seal the pores in concrete. Cuts can vary from a ‘cream polish’ to mild at 'salt and pepper’, to 'deep cut’ exposing the largest of aggregates. Densification is an important part of this process as it prepares your new or old floor for the rest of the process. Finally, polishing specific sealers are applied and burnished to inhibit penetration of water, oil and other contaminants.

Polished Toppings: We are a proud applicator of several forms of this unique and stunning flooring type. Typically poured at 3/8” thickness, the floor is then polished the very next day! Polishable toppings are unique from the aspect that regardless of grinder cuts, the surface result is very consistent in its appearance. Possibilities are endless with a variety of colours, stains and aggregate seeding choices.

Adding Value in Winnipeg, MB area from National Interiors


Featuring self drying technology
We have a wealth of knowledge regarding how to efficiently and reliably level your floors. We have achieved FL ratings of over 100 and defined traffic warehouse floors of F-Min 80As well. The unique benefits of modern self-leveling are:
  • Works well over new or existing concrete and can be featheredged to meet existing elevations.
  • Can be installed over a variety of substrates from metals and concrete, to VCT and wood.
  • Self Drying Technology: Unlike concrete and many old gypsum based leveling technologies, self-drying products cure within days! This allows install of flooring in 2-3 days and reduces moisture present in the building envelope to reduce any potential for mold.