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Three benefits of area rugs

If you are like us, you enjoy having a home that is warm, cozy, and comfortable for your family to reside in on a daily basis, and for your friends and guests to visit. Area carpets are excellent, low-cost additions to any home for several reasons. We outline three benefits of area carpets below, to help you better understand why one or more of these flooring elements would be an excellent fit in any of your living, common, or flex spaces:

A fresh design element

You want to add pieces and elements to complement spaces, and help to bring them together. Area rugs accomplish this goal quite nicely, especially if you have solid flooring. There are all kinds of area rug designs readily available, ensuring that you can find at least one that will effectively align with your flooring color and the surrounding atmosphere.

Positive effect on allergens

You probably wouldn't think it, but area rugs can actually be good elements in a home in terms of helping people with allergies. Recent studies have proven that rugs trap allergens to keep them out of the air where people breathe them in. Just make sure to vacuum regularly, to remove the allergens altogether.

Space feels more grounded

An area rug helps to anchor furniture in a room to create a more intimate, and well-defined space. Otherwise, the look of furniture can appear like each piece is “floating” around a room, making things feel out of place and disoriented. An area rug also assists with providing a sense of calmness and serenity to both the space it accompanies, and the people it supports.

High fashion area rugs in Headingley, MB from National Interiors
National Interiors is dedicated to providing homeowners and their families with beautiful area rugs for their homes, at a good value. We listen closely to our client's ideas and specs, and then offer a few appealing options.

Our showroom is well situated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and we cater to clients in various Manitoba markets including Winnipeg, Brandon, Stonewall, Steinbach, and also Kenora, Ontario. We invite you to visit our showroom in person, or call us today to speak with our supportive and friendly team members who would love to help you out.