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If you are considering carpet for your home or office, you are in the right place. At National Interiors we have choices for carpet second to none. There are several reasons why carpet is chosen as a flooring option.


Wanting the warmth and comfort under your feet and in your room is always on the top of one’s list. Carpet also is a heat insulator, keeping you warm and cozy while saving money on heating in the winter and cold months.


If you have children or elderly in your home, carpeting is a great choice. It prevents slipping and if a fall occurs, it is cushioned and the impact is less. As an aside, if you drop something fragile, it can dampen the impact as well.

Sound and noise barrier

If you are concerned about sound, carpeted floors are a great option, especially on a second floor room. Make sure you choose a good carpet cushion that can provide additional sound dampening qualities. This way the sound of footsteps is not intrusion below.

Design options

With carpet, you have a myriad of color, style and design options. Depending on what your functionality and budgetary needs are, there are options available. We carry all types of carpet fibers, including wool, polyester, acrylic and blends. In fact, many manufacturers offer pet-friendly, stain resistant carpet.

So if you are looking for the comfort, luxuriousness, and warmth in a flooring material, carpeting is a wonderful choice, even with pets and children in the house.
Luxurious carpet in Winnipeg, MB from National Interiors
National Interiors is passionate about making homes look gorgeous and more functional for families at the same time, and our beautiful carpeting products certainly accomplish those goals. We listen closely to our client's needs and then propose a few excellent options to help with our client's decision-making process. We have all types of carpeting available at different levels of affordability. Visit our showroom in Winnipeg and we will show you products that will serve you well into the future.

We cover all surrounding areas including Brandon, Stonewall, and Steinbach in Manitoba and Kenora in Ontario.


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