Carpet flooring trends 2021

Choose carpet if you like a plush and cozy-chic feel underfoot. The bold colors of this material are in fashion. These can be contrasting colors and rich shades of ornaments, floral patterns, geometric shapes, and precious stones. Natural and organic tones are popular for a sense of serenity.

In 2021 try solutions like these:

  • For boho-style interiors, choose a carpet in neutral tones. Textile accessories in bright red shades and upholstered furniture are suitable here.
  • For eco-chic interior decoration, it is better to choose natural fiber coatings.
  • Plush and velvet carpets are suitable for small spaces. Velvet surfaces will help create luxury in your home.
Combine bright carpet with colorful furniture. Carpet trends are based on self-expression.

With their help, you can show maximum creativity. Colored and patterned rugs look unusual. You can choose from floral motifs, animal designs, stripes, or geometric shapes.

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