Pantone Colour of the Year 2020

Fashion isn’t just limited to clothes. A few years ago, colour experts bit the bullet and decided to create a colour of the year to give those of you who are interior fashion conscious a guide. After the colour forecast changing dramatically over the years, from bright yellows to subtle greens, what’s exactly on the cards for 2020?

The answer is classic blue – a familiar and trustworthy shade, you’d have a job trying to find somebody who doesn’t like some sort of shade of blue.

You might be slightly underwhelmed to hear that the colour of the year is something as familiar as blue, but this shade is far more than that. We all know that blue is suggested by therapists to be a calming and reliable colour – therefore what better place to have it than your home where these feelings are exactly what you want?

So, what’s the point in having a colour of the year unless there’s a use for it. Well, we are all about keeping up with interior trends, so we’ve come up with some interior ideas where you can incorporate this fantastic shade. With it being a rich and classical colour, there are factors to consider when matching it up to really make your room pop.

First consider which room you’re looking at – using a colour you love in a room you use a lot is always a good place to start. This gorgeous colour would work beautifully in a living room as wood panelling - the perfect mix of contemporary and tradition

If you’re not a fan of anything too traditional and a clean-cut contemporary appearance is much more to your taste, then perhaps don’t overdo this colour. Although it looks great in quantity, it can work just as well in small amounts. Go for a feature wall, this will really draw attention to the colour and create the perfect contrast. Even if you’re not looking for a dramatic change – velvet sofas in this colour or even stylish lamps are a great cheaper way of getting in style.

Now for our favourite room for this colour – the bathroom! More and more of us are moving away from the classic totally white bathroom and opting for something a little more colourful. First it went from mint green in the bathroom, back to white and now for something a little more adventurous. We aren’t saying cover your whole bathroom with this shade - even we’d agree that would be too much! Instead, introduce it gradually, from bath mats, blinds to baths and toilets. Paired with a stunning Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, it’ll really make your room pop!

For those of you interested, the rgb code for this colour is: 23,58,123 and the HEX is 173a7b.