by National Interiors Commercial Team

Who knew? A delay on a construction site can end up costing up to $30 million on average, according to the PlanAcademy website, which posted a 2020 report on worldwide construction claims.

Of course, that’s what delays can do to a mega project. Yet they still trigger the same headaches to a property manager of multi-units, like an apartment building. If that’s you, keep in mind. Delays cost you more than money. They spark disputes. You could even be slapped with legal claims.

As a property manager, you know how tricky occupied renovations can be. Your crew works like the wind because the tenant is in the unit. As your crew kicks up dust and makes noise, the tenant folds his arms, glaring at you like a pro football linebacker.

Some delays are beyond your control. But let’s look at a few that could affect a flooring installation in a multi-unit.

Supplier Delays.

Is the flooring out of stock? Maybe it was delivered late. Was there a breakdown in communication? In any case, without your materials, your project schedule goes out the window.

Labor Shortage.

That’s the biggest challenge in the construction industry today, according to Viewpoint Technology News. You need skilled labor like your car needs gas. Without it, you’re stuck. You’ll end up paying to fix mistakes that happened during installation.

What Caused This Shortage Of Skilled Workers?

Long story short, school counselors have been giving students a one-way street for years, pointing them to college while pushing aside trade schools. Add to that, Generation Y plays Xbox rather than tinker with a hammer and nails.

On the other side of the age spectrum, about 54% of construction managers are Baby Boomers. They’re retiring by the droves, taking their technical know-how with them, according to ESub construction software.

But enough of the doom and gloom.

Avoiding Delays Here’s What You Can Do

Install luxury vinyl flooring. It’s durable enough for multi-units. It’s simple enough for a newbie maintenance crew to install. Some flooring collections can also be installed with less prep work.

In case your crew is new to flooring, they should ask technical questions. Even a seasoned pro in flooring knows to ask questions, mainly because flooring instructions and recommendations vary by maker.

For major flooring projects, asking the right questions is as important as picking out the right plank color and pattern.

For example:
• Can the new flooring be installed over existing flooring?
• What should be avoided when preparing the subfloor for glue down?
• Which vinyl flooring works best for upper levels?

Most delays can be avoided by getting the answers you need That means the flooring supplier should back you up with service you can rely on.

Service helps uphold the quality of occupied renovations. It can clear up instructions. Imagine having to start over because your crew made a minor mistake. For example, if holes in the subfloor are overlooked, flaws in the flooring could show up weeks or months later. It makes no difference how well the floor was made.

National Interiors is known for its service, which is part of the value that comes with your purchase. That value includes:

• A huge stock. Your order will be ready to pick up or ship.
• Answers. Help your project to be done right.
• A customer service rep. Fast, friendly, knows your business.
• A resource. You can call, email or tap via ecommerce.

Some delays are out of your hands. But National Interiors helps you avoid most delays by offering more service and technical support, before, during and after installation. Now you know. May your flooring renovation be a path to success!