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If you are considering a flooring upgrade for your home, there is a strong possibility that you have looked into solid and/or engineered hardwood options. Not only is hardwood clean, classy, and elegant, but there is arguably no flooring option on the market that can add as much value to your home.

While hardwood floors will undoubtedly be attractive to potential buyers, the question remains by just how much these elegant floors will increase property value. After all, hardwood is typically more expensive than other flooring materials on the market, so homeowners will want to be sure that they are getting a solid return on investment when making this flooring upgrade.

In general, homeowners can expect to see a 75% return on investment from installing hardwood floors, and of course, you want easy to install hardwood floors, which is all relatively consistent whether you choose solid or hardwood engineered flooring options. If hardwood is installed at $9 per square foot (the national average can range from $8 to $14 per square foot) in a 2,000 square-foot home, the cost of installation will be $18,000. However, the homeowner can expect to see the value of the home increased by $13,500, making the true cost of installation only $4,500. Considering that cheaper flooring options, such as carpet or laminate, will not add any resale value to the home, the decision to invest in hardwood can actually be profitable.

Although hardwood floors will add resale value to your home, there are a number of factors, such as the location of the home, the quality of installation, and how well the floors mesh with other aspects of the home, that can influence the return on investment you receive. Therefore, explore some of the creative options at From the Forest to get an idea of how hardwood floors can fit in your home and consider some of the following points in order to maximize the bang for your buck that hardwood can return.